Pastor Ramsey’s Book

Pastor Ramsey’s Book

Get your copy of Pastor's dynamic book titled "Recovering in Pandemic Time" filled with sermons providing hope and healing.
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The 2020 pandemic brought devastating, unprecedented and amazing life experiences for people all over the world. Everyone was forced to deal with this “killer virus.” Because it was worldwide pandemic, there was no place to run and no place to hide. Every city, every county, every state, every country suffered the life-threatening challenges of the “virus.”

The corona virus affected people of all ages, genders, races, and statuses (economical, positional, professional, and social). In the spiritual realm, the virus affected people of all religions, faiths, and denominations. It affected every congregation – from 20 members to thousands of members. Yes, the virus impacted the lives of believers and non-believers, churchgoers and non-church goers, Christians and non-Christians.

This virus ripped apart families, brought marriages to an end, destroyed thriving businesses, divided local, state, and national forms of governments, and overwhelmed medical facilities and places of employment. In other words, this pandemic created a DEMANDING, URGENT AND CHRONIC need for “RECOVERY.”

The pandemic became the subject of most of our conversations, and the headline of the news and postings on social media. Most of all, it raised soul-searching questions. People began to ask, “Is there any HOPE for me?”  “Is there any HELP available that will enable us to get through and recover from this major life experience?”

Even though I’ve been blessed to be a believer in Christ for over 59 years, have been a preacher of the gospel for almost 44 years and served the Lord in pastoral ministry for 43 years, I found myself asking the same questions. “Lord, is there any HOPE and HELP, especially in these pandemic times?”

Having heartfelt concern for the well-being of people, my humble, daily plea to the Lord became, “Lord, what can I do? Lord, what would you have me say to your people who are chronically suffering and fervently crying for hope in their darkest time and help in their weakest moments?”

Being a merciful, compassionate, and prayer-hearing God, He answered my persistent and consistent prayers with sermons of inspiration, hope, and help that give assurance of real recovering, despite the power of the virus.

This is why I’ve written this book of sermons. It is my hearty desire that through the messages in this book, people all over the world will know there is inspiration, there is hope and there is the help they need to get through these testing times. It is my desire that through this book, people of all ages, races, genders, and statuses will be empowered to overcome all the brokenness, pain, and life-damaging effects of the virus.

In these pandemic times, we must all remember that our Creator God is faithful in all his promises. He’s good in all his permissive and determined decisions, and he’s unconditionally loving in all his actions. In these pandemic times, we must not fail to remember that our God’s determined will and promises of inspiration, hope and help, are unquestionably clear in his everlasting WORD.