Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission statement of Gospel Water Branch Baptist Church is to obey the Lord by practicing a caring, quality, and holistic ministry.

  • We believe that prayer is essential to every aspect of the Christian life.  Therefore, prayer is the beginning and the ending of everything we do.

  • We believe that God’s word is also essential to living the Christian life.  Therefore, the scriptures will be a part of everything that is done by this church family.

  • We believe building strong families is essential to every individual, the stability of the church, and the sustaining of the community.  Therefore, the family is a central focus of our church family.

  • We believe that praise and worship are vital to an individual’s growth and his/her relationship with the Lord.  Therefore, this church will provide continuously an environment that is conducive for praise and worship.

  • We believe that consistent giving of tithes and offering is essential to church growth and providing church ministries.  Giving our tithes and offering is an act of love, faith and obedience.  Therefore, every member will be encouraged to practice tithes and offering giving.

  • We believe that loving people and showing care for them are essential to our mission and Christian testimony.  The foremost way to show love is through witnessing.  Therefore, loving people unconditionally and showing Christian care will be the motivation for every ministry in our church family.

  • We believe that pleasing God, glorifying him, and building his kingdom are the basis of our mission.  Therefore, pleasing and glorifying God, and building his kingdom will be the supreme focus of all our efforts.

“We want to do more to glorify our wonderful God.  We want to extend our ministry into the community so that others can experience the power and goodness of the Lord like we have.”


– Reverend Robert L. Ramsey