CED Class 1

CED Class 1

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Class Schedule for Jan - March 2017

Classes will begin on January 25, 2017 and ends March 22, 2017.  Each class is 8 weeks long (unless otherwise stated).  Classes start at 7:30PM and end at 8:30PM.

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Bible Study Classes Jan - Mar 2017

Through the Bible
This is a comprehensive study of the books of the Bible. The study began with the book of Genesis and will progress through Revelation. This class is designed for those who have a sincere desire to read and understand the word of God and its application to our lives.  This semester will survey the book of Ephesians.

What is a disciple?  Are you a disciple?  What is the role of a true disciple of God in the body of Christ? This a class you don’t want to miss. This is a required course for all mem-bers…if you have not taken this course. Please schedule it soon.

Salvation/New Christian Life
This class is designed to nurture new believers and to help all believers to refocus on the fundamentals of our faith. This class will answer the basic questions that we all must know.. “How do I know that I am really saved? What is sal-vation? How do I know what God’s will is for my life? “ This is a great class for old and new Christians.

Managing Finances God's Way
This is a critical class for help in managing personal financ-es . The objectives of this class to assist us in (1) developing a plan to eliminate personal debt, (2) developing a personal budget, (3) developing a plan to deal with credit, (4) estate planning, (5) planning for college and (6) investment. No matter what your financial goal is, this is a class that will enrich your life.

When Forgiveness Doesn't Make Sense
Why do we have difficulty accepting God's unconditional forgiveness? And why do we find it so impossible to grant that same forgiveness to others? The bottom-line issue of life is forgiveness—Yet few of us have mastered the art of implementing forgiveness in our lives.  This is a class designed to help you grow spiritually in the area of forgiveness.

Identity, my life of Faith
This six-session study supplies insights in response to the important question, “Who are you?” People define themselves by their role in a family, the work they do, their family history, or their interests and passions. For followers of Jesus, identity is wrapped up in who Je-sus is—and His lordship over our lives. Every other facet of life—who we are and what we do—begins and ends with Jesus.

Principles of Christian Leadership
REQUIRED CLASS FOR ALL LEADERS…and is open to all...This is an exciting and dynamic class.  It equips the students to be effective leaders and soldiers of Christ.  It provides the necessary tools to live a more Spirit filled, productive life.  This class is open to all students.  You do not have to be a leader to attend this class.
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