Black Women Have A Choice

Black Women Have A Choice

Black Women Have A Choice

Written By Sis. Mamie J. Pollard

From the beginning of time The black woman has shown Her courage and strength She has contributed to society And gone to extreme lengths.

So we sing loudly our Black Anthem “Lift Every Voice”
For today we know as black women We do have a choice.

We should be proud of our heritage Because we are Kings and Queens This is what Martin was saying When he said “I Have a Dream.”

God has given the black women Certain physical attributes, I’m sure you can relate And I know this to be a fact Because you will see others They try to imitate.

We can choose to wear our skin natural With nothing but that flawless glow
Or we can stop by the MAC counter
And get that shimmery shine from head to toe.

We can choose our mate
From the darkest of a coco bean
Or settle for a green eyed brother like Smokey If you know what I mean.

Our mothers use to cook at home Seven days a week.
Now we can go to fine restaurants And choose whatever you want to eat.

We can choose our own style of hair Whether it’s natural, short, or long But, I’ll tell you one thing
I thank God for Madam C.J. Walker Inventing that straightening comb.

We can choose our own wardrobe And we can dress to the nines Ladies you know, we’ll go any length To make sure it’s one of a kind.

Now ladies, I know it’s nice
To be able to pick and choose
Oh girl by the way, where did you get Those Michael Kors shoes

I’m sure we all know in this day and time Our women can get any kind of degree

They can become entrepreneurs or entertainers Like Beyonce and Jay-Z

Now here’s the last thing that I want to say We have had strong black women
Who have paved the way
Like Oprah and Michelle, Just to name a few This is the reason we can make choices
In whatever we choose to do!