CED Winter Quarter Equipping Hour Classes

January – April 2019


Equipping Hour declaration: “Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105) “I will read it, study it and apply God’s word to my life so that I shall be a kingdom soldier, ready equipped and positioned for victory.”

Class TitleAuthorSynopsisTeacherTime/Location
GENESIS: THE LIFE OF ABRAHAMZakat AfshinThis bible study lesson reminds us of the importance of trusting God in the big and small issues of life. The study encourages us to trust God even when we don’t know exactly where He’s leading. We’re encouraged to obey God even when that leads to difficult and uncomfortable changes. Like Abraham, each of us must choose whether we’ll live the great adventure and blessing of walking with God by faithSis Bessie FlonoWednesday @ 12 noon/
Senior Room
REVEALING THE MYSTERIES OF HEAVENDr. David JeremiahWhat happens when we die? Where do we go? Is there an afterlife? Does the Bible say anything specific about heaven? Are there really streets of gold there? Has anyone been to heaven and returned with inside information? This class will answer those questions and tell you what’s up with heaven. God wants you to know all about your eternal home so you can anticipate the future.Min Marie MontgomeryWednesday @ 7:30 p.m./
SALVATION/NEW CHRISTIAN LIFEThis class is designed to nurture new believers and to help all believers to refocus on the fundamentals of or faith. This class will answer the basic questions that we all must now…"How do I know that I am really saved? What is salvation? How do I know what God's will is for my life?" This is a great class for old and new ChristiansMin Cornell HarrisWednesday @ 7:30 p.m./
Library (Upstairs)
PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIPPastor Robert L. RamseyREQUIRED CLASS FOR ALL LEADERS… and open to all… This is an exciting and dynamic class. It equips the students to be effective leaders and soldiers of Christ. It provides the necessary tools to live a more Spirit-filled, productive life. This class is open to all students. You do not have to be a leader to attend.Pastor Robert L. RamseySaturday @ 9:00 a.m./
Fellowship Hall
WATCH YOUR MOUTHDr. Tony EvansEver had a "tongue lashing"? Whether it's a harsh comment, verbal explosion, or social media rant, words can destroy. What can we do to tame our tongues? Sis Rosa Hardy BilesWednesday @ 7:30 p.m./
CED Office Upstairs
Moms in Prayer International
Founded by Fern Nichols
We hope and pray that no matter where you are with your walk with God, that you will experience a greater intimacy with the Lord and a more effective prayer life as a result of taking this class. We will focus on the components of praying in praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession, meditation and praying in scriptural language. Our hope is that you will get a greater vision of the power of God through prayer and become confident that your prayers have eternal significance. May God bless you as you open your heart to Him through this study. I have asked the Lord to use this prayer curriculum to touch hearts with a desire to pray “Igniting a Passion to Pray”. May that passion bring your family a lasting legacy to pray for individuals, community, and the nations. Sis Linda WrightWednesday @ 7:30 p.m./
Senior Room
MANAGING MONEY GOD’S WAYLarry BurkettHow to Manage Your Money" by Larry Burkett, is an in-depth bible study on personal finances. This workbook will help you gain a clearer knowledge of God's financial plan for your life and position you to experience freedom from financial bondage. With the discovery of His plan, you will find that the possibilities for contentment are guaranteed and that the opportunities to be used by God are endless.Dea Craig MageeWednesday @ 7:30 p.m./
(Ages 13-17
Group.com“The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers”… This class seeks to empower teens by providing sound doctrine, with a focus on concerns and subjects that teens face in their daily lives. Each lesson is based on daily characters and scenarios that reflect the issues.Min Sheila Hendrix/Bro Terrence MarshallWednesday @ 7:30 p.m./
Youth Classroom 200
YOUTH (Ages 5-8)
& (Ages 9-12)
We will continue to use the TEAM Kids In Discipleship (KID) lesson plans for the new year. TeamKID is new for the next generation kids. This class will have Bible Study where the stories will be brought to life for the kids by way of high energy games, drama and art. This class is designed to use the bible stories to help the children develop a relationship with their Savior and help them grow in God's Word. Sis Savannah Magee /
Sis Shemika Johnson/
Sis Tonya Stokes
Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m.
/Youth Classroom 205