Spring Revival at Gospel Water Branch

We’re excited to announce our Spring Revival will be May 7, 8 , and 9 at 7pm. Our evangelists are: Dr. Rosa Williams at Everfaithful Baptist Church Augusta, GA on Monday night  Bishop Williams was born in Charleston, S.C. She comes from a large family of eleven sisters and brothers. She was married to the late … [Read more…]

Gospel Water Branch Teen 2018 Retreat

The Gospel Water Branch Baptist Church Teen Ministry would like to invite you to the Teen 2018 Retreat on July 16 – 18 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! We will conduct bible studies, praise & worship, team building activities, visits to historical theme park venues and more. You can still make your $75 deposit through the church … [Read more…]

Pastor’s Corner – March 2018

    “It’s a Matter of Reaching” There are millions of people in communities everywhere in every city, state, and country in this world who need help; who want help; and who will receive help. But they need someone to reach out and help them. Reaching out to people involves ex- tending self and going … [Read more…]

Koon – Join – Nay!

Our Magnificent Ancestors Written By Rev. Fannie M. Bennett Our Magnificent Ancestors stand aligned in space from here in time to there in eternity. They observe all things transpir- ing around us. While some can hear them whisper the words “Remember Me.” Our Magnificent lived great, epic stories, some tragic sagas, some merry comedies and … [Read more…]

Words of Encouragement from Rev. Shy Collier

THE TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH! What do you fear? You may have on- going fears, such as the fear of abandonment, failure or rejection. In todays’ world people have new fears that are tied to current circumstances, the fear of losing their job or a relationship. Jesus told us – Let not your heart be troubled: … [Read more…]

Reflections: GWBBC Black History Program 2018

A very powerful & inspirational GWBBC Black History Pro- gram was held Sunday, February 25, 2018 @ the 10:45am service. The theme was “Going Beyond Comfort to Reach, Teach, and Unite Generations in the Community Through our History. ”The worship leader was our very own Sandy Biles,III. The Sunbeam Choir led an awesome devotion & … [Read more…]

Black Women Have A Choice

Black Women Have A Choice Written By Sis. Mamie J. Pollard From the beginning of time The black woman has shown Her courage and strength She has contributed to society And gone to extreme lengths. So we sing loudly our Black Anthem “Lift Every Voice” For today we know as black women We do have … [Read more…]

Spring 2018 Sunday Equipping Hours

All Equipping Hours will be Sunday at 9:30am   Lesson 1: March 4, 2018 The Lord Will Provide Genesis 22:1-3, 6-14 People are reluctant to make challenging personal sacrifices for fear of losing everything. How can they learn to offer difficult sacrifices even in the face of fear? By being willing to offer his son, … [Read more…]